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God loves you even when you won't let Him in.

Time to get my fix of literature.

Time to get my fix of literature.

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Don’t sit and wait. Get out there, feel life. Touch the sun, and immerse in the sea.

So I found out today I was picked to serve for the American Red Cross as a client caseworker in their Restoring Family Links Program! I’m so excited as to where this will lead me. I finally feel like I’m on the path to my future- God is good!!

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when u accidentally click a link so u dont release the mouse and kind of slowly drag away from the link. threat avoided. citizens safe. for now.

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Ukraine rebels hand over black boxes from MH17


SBS News: Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine on Tuesday handed over two black boxes recovered from the crash site of the MH17 jet to Malaysian officials.
They also announced at a press conference a ceasefire within a 10 kilometer radius around the crash site to allow international investigators to safely access the vast area where the Malaysia Airlines flight was downed.

Follow the story on BreakingNews here.

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